CISS or OEM Ink Cartridge For HP Printer

Posted by admin on January 18, 2016
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When it comes to ink system for printer, you deal with two options, OEM ink cartridge that is already installed inside the printer and CISS (continuous ink system supply). Do you have no idea what to choose? According to those printer owners, continuous ink system is the best option to consider than OEM ink cartridge. Not to say that the latter mentioned is bad at all, in fact it is good, however if you expect more than good, continuous ink system speaks better. Unlike ink cartridge, the ink for this system is stored outside the printer using plastic reservoir.

For that alone, it caters you with better performance. The installation of the ink is located outside the device, it means you have full control toward the ink. You easily can spot if you need to pour more ink or not into its reservoir. It will be different when it comes to ink cartridge as you have no idea the right time when the ink is needed to be refilled. The result? It will be a bother as your work suddenly stop as the ink runs out, which makes Ciss HP as your better solution.

It is not the only thing, choosing Ciss for HP or for any printer brands with inkjet printer model, you have privilege to choose not only two colors, but more. Another good think when it comes this ink system is, the fact that this solution is cost efficient about more than 90% compared to ink cartridge system. The only problem for continuous ink system is the quality of the ink since if you don’t pay much attention about this, it ruins your work. But, here is a suggestion for you in case if you look one within few trusted vendors for continuous ink system. It is Printout24 that provides you high quality ink and also other necessity for continuous ink system with competitive price.

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